Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Welcome to The Comprehensive Adult Educator.

All topics related to adult and college teaching, learning, and program management welcome.

My career in adult education began in 1983 when I was hired as a social studies teacher in an adult high school diploma program. I worked for years as a program director for Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford where I played a major role in transforming a one-on-one tutoring program into a 30+ small group center in Basic Literacy and ESOL. More recent ventures have included serving as a writing center tutor at the University of Hartford and Capital Community College. I am currently teaching English and math classes in a transition to college program and basic Word application, all of which I find challenging and absorbing.

I have also worked at the Capitol Region Education Council where I created the Adult Literacy Resource Library (http://www.crec.org/cetes/adult_literacy/index.php) designed especially for adult education teachers, but also of value to students and program and administrative support staff.

This summer I will be preparing for a second round of teaching a on-line graduate course at the Virginia Commonwealth University on adult education curriculum develpment, which is part of a 5 course certificate program in adult literacy jointly sponsored by VCU and the VA Department of Corrections Education.

As stated, I intend this blog as a resource to explore adult education from a comprehensive perspective, to include any topics related to ESOL, ABE, community based literacy programming,town and state based adult education programming, policy, research, transition to college, and (since those attending are both young and young at heart adults), college learning and teaching, particularly broad-based issues such as learning and writing across the disciplines. In addition, we will also probe into the critical relationship between technology (old and new, pedagogy, training, and professional development, as well as that of management theory, organizational development, and innovation theory. Finally, as someone who also has a strong background in Christian adult education, I will also post messages on this topic from time time in which my more extensive commentary will be found on my other Blog, Onward Christian Sojourner (http://onwardchristiansojourner.blogspot.com/)

Stay tuned!

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