Sunday, May 2, 2010

All About Copying and Pasting Internet Documents into Word Seven Documents

What follows is the second student sheet I've developed, this time to help students follow the copying and pasting procedures of Internet documents into Word documents. We have practiced these steps in the past two sessions without written instructions in which I did a great deal of modeling and coaching while working with students often one-on-one as they work through these various steps. Now that they've gone through it several times perhaps having the steps available in written form while working through the process once again will have a positive impact. What will be instructive as well is once we've worked through the steps with the written guidlines, how successful students will be in attempting the process independently. What may be worthwhile probing into as a broader pedagogical issue is if learning is best enhanced in having written instructions available from the onset or whether, by and large, it is more instructive to experientially work through such procedures through modeling and verbal instructions and in the process fostering a modest level of uncertainty, building up a desire for such formalized guidlines.

All About Copying and Pasting Internet Documents into Word 2007

Copying a document
1. Identify the article and the format of the article you want to copy.
a. In a Hartford Courant article it is best to scroll down below the photo and click on the print button.
b. For a Healthy School Lunch Document, just begin with the identified article you want to copy.
2. Place the mouse curser at the beginning of the article.
3. Keep the mouse steady, click the left portion of your mouse and hold it down.
4. Keeping the left click held down, drag the mouse until you get to the bottom of the article.
5. Let go of the mouse. “Look Ma, no hands!!”
6. Without clicking bring the mouse into some portion of the copied material.
7. Click the right button of your mouse. You will see “copy.”
8. Left click on the copy.
9. Minimize your document.

Pasting a Document1. Open up or go to Word.
1. Open up or go to Word.
2. Go to Office Button and Click Open.
3. Find the appropriate folder.
4. You may have to go to one or more subfolders. For the computer lab, the sequence is as follows.
a. My Documents
b. George
c. Word 2007
d. AM or PM Students
e. Your Name
f. The appropriate folder for the document you want.
i. For the Hartford Courant it would be General Articles.
ii. For the Healthy Lunches Curriculum it would be Healthy Lunches.
g. Once you have found the appropriate folder, cancel that (lower right on your screen)
h. Go back to office and click on “New.”
i. Double click the blank document.
j. Bring your mouse curser toward the top of your new document page.
k. When you see the rectangular box with small arrows pointed up and down, click the right button of your mouse. (This may take practice!!)
l. Left click onto the paste button. The document will appear.
m. Go back to the Office Button. Click Save As.
n. Name your Document. Otherwise the first word of your document, which is not always the most descriptive, will be automatically saved.
o. In naming documents you want to make sure that it is something that you will easily remember when you see it later.
p. Go to the Office once more and click on close if you are not going to work on that document any more for the time being.

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