Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sending and Recieving E-Mail Attachments


In the course I teach on Basic Word 2007 application, I worked with students on sending and receiving word documents through e-mail. There are many steps, and likely too many for our students to remember. One of my students suggested I make a list for them to follow. This is the list of steps that came to mind. In the next post I'll provide a companion copy and paste from Internet to Word procedure. Next Friday I'll find out how these sheets actually work in our class.

All About E Mail Attachments

Sending Email attachments
1. Open email and write email addresses you want to send the document to in the “To" Box
2. Write an appropriate subject topic in your subject box
3. Click on attachment button
4. Find the appropriate folder and file you want to send
5. Click on the folder you want
6. Check your sent box to make sure the email was sent
7. Make sure the attachment was sent

Receiving E Mail Attachments and Placing Them in Appropriate Folder and Naming the File if Needed
1. Click on the appropriate email
2. Double click the Word attachment
3. Click on download instructions
4. Open the file
5. Go to the Office button and click Save As
6. Find appropriate folder where you want to place the document
7. Once you are sure you have the file in the appropriate folder, click Save.
8. Close the file or begin working in it if appropriate

That’s all there is to it!!!

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